Strangers (2019)
A woman struggles with an eating disorder as it loosens her grip on reality.

Why This Story?
Black teenagers are 50% more likely to have an eating disorder than white teenagers and are less likely to report it. As a Black woman living with mental illness, I want to speak to the community from the inside. I want to raise awareness. This film is for the Black women who have been pressured to remain silent, assimilate to whiteness and be strong in the face of trauma. Women of color should not be left out of the conversation just because a skinny white woman is the face of the disease. 

The contributions to the film will go towards production and post-production costs (such as locations and equipment rentals) and film festival entries. 

Any contribution, whether big or small, will be greatly appreciated. 

Let's start this conversation together.

The Perks
My everlasting gratitude and a personal shoutout on social media!

ANY question PERIOD. That’s right folks, ask me anything! And if we get totally funded I’ll post a video with ALL of the questions from the $25 or more donors!

An original artwork postcard with a handwritten thank you, plus all of the above.

Your name in lights! Or at least in the credits! You'll get a special place in the credits of the film, plus all of the above.  

Watch the film whenever you want! Get a direct link to the film, plus all of the above.

Be a part of the team! Associate Producer credit plus all of the above. 

MVP! Executive Producer credit, an autographed Strangers poster from cast & crew, plus all of the above.