Salomé, A tragedy by Oscar Wilde. 

Director Michael Alvarez.

Costume Designer Dorothy Zhu.

Assistant Costume Designer x. hill.  

CalArts Modular Theater, Los Angeles, CA

Drawing upon ancient mythologies of feminine and biblical passages, Salome tells the story of Princess Salome of Judea, stepdaughter of King Herod, who becomes enthralled by the prophet, Jokanaan (John the Baptist). After he refuses to reciprocate her advances, she performs the infamous dance of the seven veils for the King to obtain the prophet’s severed head on a silver platter.  The production will feature 12 original songs by Ella Grace and a new adaption by Michael Alvarez.

This production infuses the classic text of Wilde with a vibrantly original pop/rock score. Through song, the characters are liberated to speak their truth beyond the written text and fight to free themselves from the historical narrative they are trapped in. Inspired by haute couture and art installation, this production will visually transport audiences into the haunting world that is Herod’s palace.